Обучение английскому языку

Обучение английскому языку ребенка: в каком возрасте начинать, каким принципам и методике следовать

Краткий рецепт борща на английском языке с переводом

How to cook borshch? I like borshch very much. It’s one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes. How to cook borshch? I am going to tell it. To start with, fill a pan with water, then put washed meat there. Boil it about half an hour. Before meat starts boiling, remove the foam from water surface. It’s important. Next stew washed vegetables (two beetroots, one carrot, two onions) on a frying …>>

Как обучить ребёнка английскому языку

«Что бы вы ни делали для своих детей, в определённом возрасте они упрекнут вас за это. Единственное, на чём нужно настаивать, так это на изучении иностранных языков». /Марлен Дитрих/ Трудно переоценить ту роль, которую играет английский язык в современном мире. Это универсальный международный язык общения не только в деловых кругах, но и среди людей различных национальностей и профессий. Поэтому стремление родителей начать занятия с ребёнком до поступления в школу вполне …>>

The place where I live — Твір-розповідь англійською мовою

Нижче наведено 10 речень англійською мовою з перекладом на українську про місце, де я живу. I want to tell you about the place where I live. I live in Zabolotnogo street in Odessa, and I like my city. The supermarket is close to our house, and it is very convenient. I also don’t have to get up too early to go to school, it’s a 5-minute walk from my house. …>>

Сочинение по английскому языку на тему «Моя семья» с переводом

Если вам задали написать сочинение по английскому языку на тему «Моя семья», воспользуйтесь нижеприведенными текстами, меняя соответствующее описание членов семьи. My family There are six people in my family. My family includes: mother, father, my brother, grandmother, grandfather and me. We live in Odessa. All the members of our family are Ukrainian. My father is fat and bald. His name is Alexey. He has got green eyes and short dark-brown hair. My …>>

Твір на англійській мові «Мій стиль одягу»

Якщо ви отримали завдання написати невеликий твір або розповідь на тему «Мій стиль одягу» англійською мовою з перекладом на українську, скористайтеся нижченаведеним текстом, коригуючи текст з урахуванням ваших особистих вподобань.  My clothes and my style / Мій одяг і мій стиль My favourite clothes are sportswear. Also, I like zippered jacket. My casual clothes are sports trousers or jeans with long sleeved T-shirt. My shoes areblack trainers. I wear a school uniform at school. These are black trousers, a blue shirt and a black jacket. I wear my hat only in winter, when it’s cold. I …>>

Seasons of the year in Ukraine

Перегляньте твір-розповідь про пори року англійською мовою з перекладом на українську I want to tell you about the seasons of the year in Ukraine. In our country, the weather varies from cold or below zero in winter and hot in summer. Winter The weather in winter is not very cold, it is often foggy and cloudy, and sometimes, we can have snow a couple of months during winter. In winter, …>>

Описание животных на английском языке, 5 класс

1. The discription of an owl My favourite animal My favourite animal is the owl. I love owls because they’re beautiful. Owls have got wings, short tails, and big, round heads. They’ve also got large eyes, sharp beaks, and a lot of soft feathers. They’re usually brown or white. Owls are 20-30 cm long and their wings are 50-70 cm wide. Owls live in trees. They sleep during the day …>>

Как разрешать и запрещать на английском языке?

Как правильно использовать глаголы let, allow и permit в английском языке. С помощью глаголов-синонимов – permit, let и allow – вы можете запретить или разрешить что-либо, а какой из них использовать – зависит от конкретного случая. Вот возможные способы сказать, что мама не разрешает смотреть телевизор: Mom doesn’t let me watch that program. Mom doesn’t allow me to watch that program. Mom doesn’t permit me to watch that program. (Смысловое …>>

How to cross the road? — Як переходити дорогу?

When you cross the road in Ukraine, you must find the road crossing sign, look to the left and make sure there are no cars. Then cross half of the road width, look to the right and make sure there are no cars. If there is a traffic light, wait for the green light. Then make sure all cars stopped, then cross. Some drivers in Ukraine are drunk or do …>>

Твір-розповідь «Відомі українські спортсмени» англійською мовою

Famous Ukrainian Sportsmen About fighting sports and the most famous boxers of the world Among all kinds of sports, I like fighting sports best. Unlike football, hockey, volleyball, and some other sports where Ukrainians do not show impressive results, fighting sports are where Ukrainians dominate. In the second half of the XX century, the USA was the best boxing country. America gave the world a lot of great boxers, such as Muhammed …>>

An invitation for my friend and the reply for it

An invitation for my friend Dear Denis, I am inviting you to the cinema. I suggest watching the film ‘Spider-Man: Revenge’. We can meet at the stadium tomorrow at 4:00 PM. Best wishes, Nazar The reply for my invitation Hello, Nazar! I’m afraid, I can’t go to the cinema tomorrow because I have to visit my grandma at that time. But we can go to the cinema at any other …>>

About a picnic in nature with friends

The day I went for a picnic I planed to have a picnic in a lawn. I had a picnic only with my friends, there were no parents. We took sandwiches, water, potato crisps and different desserts: candies, cake, and ice-cream. I and my friends stayed under the tree near the river. We swam in the river only a bit, because the water was too cold. We took a ball …>>

Короткий рецепт борщу англійською мовою з перекладом

Як приготувати борщ? Я дуже люблю борщ. Це одне з найпопулярніших українських страв. Як його готувати? Я зараз розповім. Для початку треба взяти каструлю, залити водою та опустити туди промите м’ясо. Його слід варити близько півгодини. Перед закипанням м’яса обов’язково треба зняти піну. Це важливо. Потім на окремій сковороді готуємо промиті овочі (дві буряки, одна морква, дві цибулини), в які додаємо дві столові ложки томатної пасти та чотири столові ложки …>>

What I did for my mother’s birthday? — Розповідь, речення

What we cooked for my mother’s birthday? On birthday morning I baked cake and cleaned my room. I beat eggs and poured milk and water. I didn’t forget to add sugar and powder sugar to it. Then I baked and decorated the pie. Also, I peeled, sliced and fried potatoes, washed kitchen and cleaned my room. My grandma helped me with cooking and I thanked her very much. When my …>>

A special day in my family / Особливий день у моїй родині

What we cooked for a special day in our family? I want to tell you about a special day in my family. It was my elder brother’s birthday. My brother’s fourteenth birthday was coming, and we decided to make it a special day for him. Our grandma baked and decorated an apple pie for him. Our mother mashed potatoes and chopped vegetable salad. My father and I made special surprise. …>>

My school meals — Твір-розповідь англійською мовою

What I usually eat at school? I usually have my breakfast at home, but we have lunch at school. We have got very nice canteen. The food cooked there is very tasty. I usually take food from home. It is simple — meat or cheese sandwich and a bottle of stewed fruit (compote) — that is enough for me. In our school canteen we eat different porridge, and I will list …>>

What I usually have for breakfast: твір-розповідь, речення

My breakfast Usually for breakfast I eat rice, a few pieces of meat and a cup of tea with a sandwich. When I come from school, for lunch I eat a bowl of soup, and then buckwheat or other porridge. Then I drink milk or juice. I usually have supper at 7 or 9 o’clock. It’s yogurt or some cake. I prefer tasty and healthy food. Translate into Ukrainian / …>>

My favourite movie / Мій улюблений фільм

My favourite movie is ‘Yes Man’. The story is about one very negative man who goes to the meeting where the boss said, ‘you should say YES to all questions and proposals’. Carl, the main person, did not agree with him. However, then he began saying ‘YES’ to everyone, everything and everywhere. Then he met a girlfriend and other good things happened to Carl. Carl’s friends and other people discovered …>>